A source of high energy output that is utilised by the PowerPac System is wind turbine technology.

The wind turbine generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Wind turbine generators are a bit unusual, compared to other generating units you ordinarily find attached to the electrical grid. One reason is that the generator has to work with a power source (the wind turbine rotor) which supplies very fluctuating mechanical power (torque).Wind Turbine

The PowerPac System utilises wind turbines that have generation capabilities between 400w to 1,500w with power generation beginning in wind speeds as low as 1.5 metres per second.

Speed regulation is important to prevent over running the wind turbine and this is integral to the head design and is normally accommodated by a tail furl system

The tail furl steers the turbine to maximise the system generation up to the maximum operating speed of the turbine.  As the wind speed exceeds this maximum the tail furl automatically steers the turbine away from the full force of the wind thereby regulating the rotor speed.  As the wind intensity reduces the tail furl steers the rotor back into the full face of the wind.

Installation design should consider location as wind turbines are best installed in open areas, on the ridges of hills and on shorelines, with noise generation being a consideration in urban environments

Wind generation can operate providing high energy outputs on a 24 x 7 basis but is strictly dependent on wind intensity and duration.