One of the power sources that can be specified for the PowerPac System is photovoltaic cell (PV) solar panels.

Photovoltaic systems convert solar radiation into electricity which is connected to the PowerPac management system to allow charging of the battery bank.

The performance of the solar panels can be monitored by the control system to allow alternative sources to be utilised in for peaks in energy demand, very over-cast weather situations or at night time. Solar Panel

A typical system installed to support a PowerPac unit would utilise a solar panel area of 2m2, depending on mains power loading.

Site considerations should be considered prior to deployment.  Three prime factors should be considered when planning the siting of the PowerPac solar panels; these are:-

  • South facing location – ensuring the maximum capture of light
  • Panel security – the installation design should include mitigation of the risk of attempted theft or vandalism.
  • Feed cable length – the layout of the system should minimise feed cable length to lower voltage drop and lessen theft opportunities.

  The energy produced by solar panels can normally be predicted with a high level of confidence so offer a valuable generation source as part of the power design.