PowerPac Systems

The PowerPac System has been specifically designed to provide an effective managed power supply in difficult situations such as locations without a constant mains power supply or areas with no mains power supply at all.

Each system is designed with a number of mains power sources that are used to store power in a bank of deep cycle batteries.PowerPac Systems

Power sources can include


The PowerPac System provides mains power supply security offering the high levels of power conditioning essential when operating electronic systems typically used for security, traffic management, communication systems and computer networks. 

In the event of mains power failure a variety of power generation sources can be used to maintain a continuous mains power supply.

The PowerPac System can be configured to utilise any combination of mains power sources maximising reliability whilst minimising operating costs.

The use of renewable energy offers alignment with environmental green policies and minimises the environmental impact of providing a secure supply.

The key feature for the PowerPac System is the advanced management facility which automatically monitors all operational, security and power conditions with the ability to control the power supply stream and communicate signal status, exceptions or alarms as required.

Offering increased security of supply is the ability of the PowerPac Management System to be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world by the SecureNet real-time monitoring service.This will provide instant notification of any power issues or attacks on the PowerPac unit.