The key feature for the PowerPac System is the advanced management facility which automatically monitors all operational, security and power conditions with the ability to control the power supply stream and signal status, exceptions or alarms as programmed.

The entire Power Pac facility can be managed by a secure intranet web based software management system which allows remote monitoring and control options.

Typical parameters that may be monitored would be:-Management

  • Enclosure access control
  • Door alarms
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Vibration alarms
  • Temperature (external and internal)
  • Humidity
  • Air Conditioning system status
  • Solar Panel and Wind Turbine status
  • Battery status and levels (including Battery voltage (V), Battery charge/discharge current (A), Consumed Ampere-hours (Ah), State of charge of the battery (%), Time to go (until the battery it flat at the present rate of discharge) and Battery temperature
  • Fuel and oil levels
  • Generator status (monitors AC voltage, current, kilowatts and frequency, DC voltage, oil pressure, water temperature and engine speed
  • Power consumption/generation statistics

As the management system is IP based, other field equipment can use the same infrastructure to monitor and control field equipment. Remote monitoring can be provided using Comfort Zone’s SecureNet remote monitoring service which provides instant notification of any power issues or attacks on the PowerPac unit. Map

Depending on location and application, IP radio systems can be utilised for connectivity with the option of back up communication systems provided by encrypted GSM or 3G modems and offer communication through automatic e-mails, text messages, and even voice messaging.

Each device can be equipped with a GPS location tracking system that will provide position information to the management software module. Position information is dynamically updated on the software and users can view current position, trace information or, for fleet management, can view multiple devices on a single map. Geofence alarms can also be programmed.